The Econo Foods Weekly Ad is a staple for many grocery shoppers. It’s a great way to see what deals are available that week, and it helps with your shopping list when you’re trying to trim down on costs. You’ll find savings on your favourite items including our famous chicken wings, lean ground beef, and plenty more. If you have been looking for an easy way to stay in the loop of the Econo Foods Weekly Ad, then this blog post is just for you! We will be going over the features of their ads and how they can help save money at the store.

Econo foods have been around for over 45 years now, and they have continued to be one of our favourite stores ever since we started shopping there. They offer quality food at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy their weekly specials without breaking the bank account. You’ll be able to see what deals are available for that week and plan accordingly with your shopping list in order to get the best bang for your buck! Check out some of our favourite items below.

Chicken wings:

You can never go wrong with chicken because it works well in so many dishes like pasta salads or sandwiches. It’s also very healthy and packed full of nutrients that you need throughout your day!


These are a great snack or addition to your next dinner. You can never go wrong with chicken wings!

Ground beef & Lean ground beef:

This is the base of many tasty meals, and it’s much more affordable than buying steak. It cooks up perfectly in a slow cooker as well!


This is a staple in many diets, and Econo foods have it on sale for the lowest price around! Don’t pass up this deal.

Beef patties:


Now, these are a little pricier, but they make for some delicious meals. You can add them to your favourite sandwich or put them on the grill with some veggies and you’ll have an easy meal in no time!



Eggs are very inexpensive at Econo foods and perfect if you’re making breakfast sandwiches or just scrambling them up before work. They also last quite a long time so stock up while supplies last!



Milk is important when it comes to saving money because not only does it keep costs down—it’s good for you too! We all know that milk is part of a balanced diet, and having plenty of dairy products means we get enough calcium throughout our lives which keeps our bones strong.



Ribs are a great meal for any time of the year, and they’re even better when you get them at Econo foods. They cook up perfectly in the slow cooker so you can throw them on before work or school to have an easy meal ready by dinner time!



Crab is one of our favourite seafood products because it’s just packed with flavour and goes well in many dishes like pasta salads. There’s also plenty of nutrients inside that pack lots of health benefits—we promise you won’t regret adding this product into your next shopping trip!



Now, these are a little pricier, but they make for some delicious meals. You can add them to your favourite sandwich or put them on the grill with some veggies and you’ll have an easy meal in no time!



Meatballs are quite versatile and come in many different flavours. They’re easy to add to any meal, and we love throwing them on the grill for a tasty summer snack!



Sausages are great for breakfast platters or just as a quick snack. You can also grill them up and add them to any meal, so they’re always handy to keep in the freezer!

Salmon Filets:


These salmon filets make for some tasty meals that will surely become your go-to dishes when it comes time to eat healthily. The omega-three fatty acids help reduce the risk of depression, cancer, heart problems, etc., which makes this product super beneficial for your health.

Bacon bits:

Bacon bits are perfect if you want bacon but don’t feel like cooking it all up every morning. It helps save time, money, and hassle which makes it a super convenient product to keep in the cabinets!


Check out our weekly ads to see what great deals we have on food this Econo Foods Weekly Ad! We are confident that you’ll be able to save money while still enjoying the delicious products Econo foods has to offer.


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