Awara mattress is a mattress company providing with a wide range of mattresses ensuring peoples comfort with a good price tag. Awara mattress are reliable, sleek and comes with good product life. Awara mattress is a latex hybrid made by Resident which is a home product company. Awara mattress review by consumers clearly tells us the reason of its success in the mattress market.

Eco friendliness:

The cover of the Awara is manufactured with organic cotton and wool, and the Dunlop latex in the comfort system is certified for its sustainability by the Rainforest Alliance. Awara also donates a portion of their sales to Trees for the Future for each mattress sold, allowing each purchase to contribute to major reforestation projects in Africa.

Consumer reviews:

The awara mattress is greatly praised by the consumers for its great reliability and authenticity. Awara organic latex hybrid mattress reviews are evident the consumers are very much satisfied from the quality of the mattress and making it one of the best mattress out there.  In addition, the medium firm comfort feel means that sleepers don’t sink too far into the mattress, preventing a “quicksand” feeling that can restrict movement.

The forever warranty:

Yes, it might seem bogus or false but awara mattress ensures customer service with a forever warranty. Which means you can change your mattress whenever you feel unsatisfied of the delivered product. At may feel that this is not true but it surely makes it the most unique and reliable product in the mattress industry and justifies its award winning performance in the mattress category.  

Due to very strong customer support and positive awara mattress reviews the company has been awarded many times as the best latex mattress, best mattress for seniors and best organic mattress.

What’s the 365 days trial?

Awara mattress offer you a full year trial of the mattress that allows you to check the mattress for about 365 days and incase if you’re not satisfied with the quality which is quite impossible the company ensures a full refund of the mattress returning you the full payment you made at the time you bought the mattress.



The awara mattress in currently on offers online service. You can order the mattress you need and it will be delivered on your doorstep with in no time. After the online service it also available on amazon but if purchased from there the after sales service is covered by amazon rather than awara.

Awara mattress is available in all the states of US but it is not available internationally.


The awara mattress review is apparently a strong proof that it provides best mattress solution in the US. Awara mattress is providing its customers with best quality material as well as the best after sales services making sure that the customers are pleased with the products they buy.

Awara mattress takes care of the customer by making their mattress so comfortable cradling you into the sleep your body craves satisfying all your sleep needs.


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