Online Services

Whatever happened to the good old days where you would buy a game, get that lovely manual, and then put it in your console. That's what I like about GOG for example, they started making available manuals again on some of their DRM free releases (which is nice). Or Steam for that matter, which offers services like cloud saving or big community features. Oh no, wait... You can't do any of that on consoles? There's no manual either? It's all on the game disc only?? Err ok...

So basically, these new online services are things you can't even access without an internet connection! If there goes your connection or something happens to it then tough luck. You're screwed! And don't get me started on the spying thing! I'm not really sure how it works but I think the game actually sends data to some random server like "hey, this dude is playing game X!". So publishers can spy on people and see what games they play. That's why you probably see ads for that one game everywhere on the internet just after you played it.

So yeah, that's bad because some of us actually do care about our privacy. And don't get me started about region locks either... We're promised features that are never delivered (like cloud saving) or services that are still buggy as hell (friends list) or simply go missing after a while, only to return half-assed later with no attention paid to them anymore. Or things like the promised cross-platform features (cloud saves) which still don't work between different platforms.

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