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  • Use Databazaar Vouchers to save money on your printer ink cartridges before you purchase.
  • Recycle your empty print cartridges by sending them back to Databazaar so you can save waste from going into landfills.
  • Purchase remanufactured toner and ink cartridges using our pre-owned system for an environmentally friendly option.

More About Databazaar

Advancements Made By Databazaar Coupons:

The site now contains comparisons of over 25,000 inks and toners found in most online stores in North America. Many users have also told us that they no longer need to purchase ink cartridges from a big box store because they've saved a lot of money by purchasing ink cartridges online by using Databazaar Coupons.

We also partnered with other recycling companies so we should recycle all brands of print cartridges whether it's original or a compatible cartridge sold at your local office supply stores. We can therefore guarantee that we can take any empty cartridge as long as there is still some ink left inside the cartridge which you can see using our search engine.

Save Money With Databazaar Coupons:

In addition to saving consumers money with the use of Databazaar Coupons, was set up as part of an application for UBC's International Business course which was based on starting your own online business from scratch. We now sell pre-owned ink and toner cartridges to those who have refilled their own cartridges for a remanufactured cartridge, and we also recycle our empty cartridges using an environmentally friendly process that's cleaner than the traditional recycling process and has no negative effects on the environment.

In comparison, traditional recycling companies use a hammer break-open method so only certain parts of a cartridge can be recycled such as the plastic container and metal components. They also separate parts at their facility which means they have to throw away silicon wafers because these cannot be recycled by them. The reason why these cannot be recycled is that there are no that would buy these broken-down chips.

More About Databazaar Coupons: purchases pre-owned/refilled inkjet cartridges from users like you and then recycles these cartridges through a closed-loop system where all parts are collected and reused instead of being thrown away as normal. All materials such as metal, plastic, silicon, etc. can be collected and reused which means almost nothing goes into landfills. Don't forget to use Databazaar Coupons from Read For Save.

We are different from most recyclers because we don't use tools like hammers to break open inkjet cartridges. In addition, the old recycled materials can be reused as new supplies without any problem because all materials used in manufacturing our own products are 100% guaranteed safe for your printer and the environment.

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