Impala is one of the leading manufacturers of quality, affordable roller skate products. Impala Roller Skates Review shows that they are known for their innovative products that offer superior performance and durability. One such product is the Impala Impulse Roller Skate, which has a low-profile design to make it easy to learn how to skate quickly while still offering excellent stability. The wheels on this model are 80mm x 52mm, giving you plenty of traction without sacrificing too much maneuverability or speed. It also comes with ABEC 5 bearings for smooth skating action and an adjustable buckle strap so you can get your perfect fit every time you lace up your skates!

It’s all about having a good time whether you prefer roller skating, inline skating, or skateboarding. Impala has you covered with all the essentials you need to be your best on wheels!

Variety of Skating Options:

You can find Impala products at a variety of different retailers and they’re always available online. That means they provide an unparalleled shopping experience for their customers, no matter where they live or what time zone they’re in. They also offer fast shipping times and competitive prices that will make it hard for you not to fall in love with them (and their roller-skating gear)!

With over 50 years of combined experience as skate shop professionals, they take pride in providing top-notch customer service every step of the way. Their knowledgeable staff is to help answer any questions about their roller skates, inline skates, and other products we carry. They want you to get the best possible experience when buying your next pair of Roller Skopes or Rollerblade Inliners from our store!

Impala Roller Skates Review shows that its innovative product designs offer superior performance and durability at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for speed skate wheels or flat skating plates, they have a wide range of selections so no one gets left behind on the rink!

Skating Has Never Been More Fun:

Our selection includes an array of sizes ranging from children’s all the way up to adult XL options so everyone can find their perfect fit while getting out there and having fun. Roller skates and Rollerblade Inliners can be used by anyone, at any age or skill level.

Impala also offers a wide range of accessories like knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, tool kits for repairs, skate covers to protect your blades from dirt and dust between uses, as well as carrying cases that make it easy to take them anywhere you go. We carry all the major brands including Impala roller skates so we have everything you need if you’re looking for inline skating gear or speed skate wheels!

They offer affordable prices on their entire selection so everyone has access to high-quality products no matter what their budget is. They are in the Globe International family with their headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. They’ve developed a product with high-quality components and a comfortable design that’s appropriate for any skater. They’ve built an affordable product made of high-quality materials that are designed to feel good while skating. With a contemporary form and look, you’ll feel amazing skating with your pals in this comfortable skate shoe.


In conclusion, Impala is one of the leading manufacturers of quality, affordable roller skate products that offers superior performance and durability. The Impulse Roller Skate’s low-profile design makes it easy to learn how to skate fast while also providing excellent stability. It has ABEC bearings for smooth skating and an adjustable buckle strap for a consistent fit, in three brilliant color options.

Impala Roller Skates Review by most of the customers are positive that they are worth investing. They provide excellent customer service and have a wide variety of roller-skating gear for everyone at any age or skill level to enjoy no matter where life takes you.


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