Since a youngster in my Yoga class remarked on my mustache, I’ve always wanted to get laser hair removal… Obviously, I was in high school when I started to feel self-conscious about my body hair. It was around the same time that a girl who played baseball with me began to complain about her legs and other areas of her body being sensitive, particularly where she had shaving problems. At first, I brushed it off as a small annoyance; now, after years I still wanted it gone. However, I had a lot of concerns after I finally got around to it. Is laser hair removal painful? How many times did I go to the procedure? Was my skin too dark for laser hair removal?


Laser hair removal has been found to be one of the most effective laser cosmetic procedures in removing unwanted hair for a long time. Because there will be less contrast between your skin’s color and the laser’s aim on your hair, if you have dark hair and fair skin, laser hair reduction may work best for you. The laser light can cause irritation of the skin, so if you have dark skin or have gone tanning recently, laser hair removal may not be for you. When laser hair removal was first introduced, doctors were skeptical about whether it would provide a lasting reduction in hair. Up to that point, laser treatments had been used primarily for red light laser therapy and laser medicine, but laser hair removal proved effective at permanently reducing the rate of growth follicles so people don’t have to shave as often. For the laser to effectively work it needs a contrast between your skin and the laser’s target, and laser hair removal is less effective on people with lighter complexions.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Since laser hair removal is more expensive than continuously shaving, it would be a good idea to figure out how much you spend on disposable razors and shaving cream before knowing laser hair removal prices.


Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis

The laser hair removal laser machine acts as a doorway to the root of the hair and disrupts the follicles so it will eventually stop producing hair. Electrolysis Laser treatments kill each individual hair follicle, but it can take a long time to treat a large surface area of your body. Treating a large surface area with laser quickly.

Savings On Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has grown more popular and widespread, resulting in an increase in laser clinics and a lowering of costs. offers laser hair removal coupons so you can get the most bang for your buck. Laser treatments have been shown to be five times faster than electrolysis but laser treatments are also more expensive at $50-100 per laser hair removal treatment session. With laser treatments, you have to pay again and again because laser hair removal doesn’t completely destroy the follicle so it can grow back very quickly. Although laser treatments tend to be more expensive but they are a quicker way.


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